Norm Applegate

I live in Sarasota, and I write thrillers, horror and paranormal books.

I’m also a Mac Fanatic. Smooth Jazz enthusiast. Drummer. Former hypnotist and Horror Movie Fan.

A beautiful woman killing vampires...

A bad guy, nicknamed The Beast...

A Vampire Hangout, Blood Bar...

And a sexually bent woman, Kim Bennett...



Blood Bar by Norm Applegate

"Move towards me, tilt your head, I'm feeling greedy; give me all of you."



Blood Bar is Norm Applegate's third book. It's a vampire thriller about a woman Erin Roberts, who never smiled a day in her life except when she was killing vampires. Expect a healthy dose of action: murder, sharp blades, carve in, carve out, blood spills, graphic, sexual.




Applegate creates a very graphic and violent story filled with blood, gore, and sex. - THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS



Think Anne Rice meets Thomas Harris and Stanley Kubrick in a dark alley. - GIRLS JUST READING


When the readers of Twilight grow up, they will thoroughly enjoy the gritty style of Applegate's storytelling. - Martha A. Chives



It is not often that a book can hook a reader within the first page, but Blood Bar did that and more. - CAFE OF DREAMS

From the Back Cover

Vampires don't exist...yet, on the brownstone back alley side streets of New York, a vampire dies. Desperate, his lover turns to Kim Bennett, author Norm Applegate's quintessential heroine whose passion for S&M led to celebrity status as a hell-and-back murder mystery sleuth who's been there, done that, and then

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Kim's "blood line" is long and scary. 
S.L. Brent (Philadelphia, PA.) 5 Stars

Nice twist on a vampire theme, 
April 11, 2009
J. Anderson "southboca" (Sarasota, Fl United States) 
It's not every day that you run across a vampire book with strong, resourceful women in it. What a nice change of pace!
5 Stars

Simply the best of the Kim Bennett Series!!, 
February 6, 2009
ellen "ellen in atlanta"(Atlanta, Georgia USA) 
New Reviewer Rank: 509 
Classic Reviewer Rank: 618
If you thought Norm Applegate's first two Kim Bennett books (Into the Basement and Into the Spell) 'weren't yo' momma's thrillers, well, buckle up if you want to know what Kim gets into next. 
This book is not for the faint of heart. There are graphic scenes, both violence and sex, but all are in the context of the story. 
Norm Applegate is a masterful writer and if you have never read things about Dominatrixes and graphic sex, well, be forewarned. 
You WILL however read what a thriller should be - dark, scary, sexy, tense and taut with action and character driven by strong people - starting with Kim herself. 
The Kim Bennett series is well written and plotted - Blood Bar is Applegate's best to date - 
An excellent read! 5 Stars

"Blood Bar" - the Latest Norman Applegate thriller, 
February 15, 2009
Fredric R. Mance Jr. "USCitizen" (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) - See all my reviews
Set in New York City and San Francisco, "Blood Bar" is the latest thriller from Norman Applegate to trace modern day vampires back to their ancient origins. 
A page turner of a story that combine sex, blood, political power and the vampire legends into a one hell of a ride! 
A great read. 5 Stars

Intriging page turner....violence, vampires, sex and , 
March 20, 2009
Patrick J. Noon 
If you enjoy an exciting, not of this life, erotic, action packed read, cuddle up with this thriller tonight. Here we take a dark roller coaster ride through the world of vampires, vixens and vamps on a scintillating journey with some patrons of the Blood Bar scene. The distance Kim Bennett is willing to go in order to find the killer is pure Kim Bennett. Chew on this fast paced thriller. Be careful, it's addictive. 5 Stars

Blood Bar makes me want to be Kim..., April 25, 2009
P. L. Griffin (Land O'Lakes, FL) 

Kim Bennett rises to the occasion again in Blood Bar, the 3rd book in Norm Applegate's thriller series. Of all three incredible, thrilling, suspenseful, erotic stories, Blood Bar is my favorite. You get so caught up in the world of vampires you begin to learn the history and question page by page if this world is real. You want to be Kim discovering for yourself the intrigue and uncontrollable lust for blood and sex. Maybe I am a vampire? I look forward to #4 Mr. Applegate!!! 5 Stars

A Great Vampire Tale,
June 4, 2009
Martha A. Cheves (Charlotte, NC)
Blood Bar - Review by Matthew Morrison 

All hell breaks loose, literally, in Norm Applegate's latest and greatest of the Kim Bennett series, Blood Bar. Norm's precisely detailed descriptions of unholy battles and unholier alliances between the world of vampire and human kept me turning page after page. Applegate's fusion of gothic mayhem and modern urban settings is seamless. 

When the readers of Twilight grow up, they will thoroughly enjoy the gritty style of Applegate's storytelling. Readers and cult-like followers of Anne Rice's narratives should cautiously approach the wit and speed of Blood Bar's central characters. These semi-eternal beings will not aimlessly banter and brood. They are much more likely to leap off the page directly into minds of their unsuspecting victims. Once inside their host, they begin rapidly depleting the readers will to do anything except to submit to the sweet release of finishing (the book).  5 Stars
What people arE saying:

"Norman Applegate is a new voice just emerging onto the field of the mystery/thriller novel that has the rest of us looking over our shoulders." 

David Hagberg USA Today bestselling author of Dance With the Dragon, Allah's Scorpion and Mutiny. 

"Norman Applegate’s writing truly delivers with all the raw force and prose of a top rate storyteller, seasoning his tales with a mixture of classic genre skill and infusion of intrigue and characterization that makes the stories move." 

Nicholas Grabowsky Horror author of "Halloween IV," 14 novels, 5 screenplays, and numerous contributions and anthologies. 

"Into the Basement introduces us to Norman Applegate’s ( no nonsense staccato writing style and realistic approach to the thriller/suspense/horror genre." 

Withersin Magazine
June issue 2008

“From the Shadows,” serves up thirteen creepy shorts that deliver the chills.

Nina Mouzitchka
Rue Morgue Magazine
August issue 2008

"Norman Applegate writes with a flare for the horror genre, leaving the reader engaged and unable to walk away from the book." 

Ellen Feig and author of "The Ex-FIles: Women, Litigation and Liberty 

Link to, Norm’s book reviews of great authors!
Made on a Mac

Asian, enjoys torture…

Russian, enjoys abduction…

Obsession, sexual slavery…

Bent woman, Kim Bennett…

Into the Basement is Norm Applegate’s first book. It’s a graphic thriller about two serial killers who steal women and torture them in the basement.

Into the Basement by Norm Applegate

You’ll never walk alone at night in the dark! Ever!

Into the Basement is approximately 69,000 words

In San Francisco, women are disappearing. Three detectives pull Kim Bennett into the game. The hunt for a killer. She goes missing!

This is a raw dark story of sadistic people that pits Kim's physical and mental agility against one of the fastest rising crimes in America, sexual slavery.

This is an adult story that has been described as "juicy."

Update, Into the Basement was written in 2006, in January of 2010, Basement was

re-edited and spruced up, enjoy!

Chapter 1:


Someone was hunting a female. Mean, hardened eyes. She left work on time, routine. Susie Smallwood was the target.


Then something hit her teeth. Then again.


She was helpless. Bound with gray duct tape across her mouth.

Norm and New York Times Best Selling author Michael Connelly
Norm with New York Times Best Selling author David Hagberg
Norm and Horror Writer Nicholas Grabowsky at the WHC 08
BLOOD BAR, A Vampire Tale

Blood Bar Book Trailer Details

        Title: Blood Bar Book Trailer	     
        Author: Norm Applegate        
        Trailer Producer: J.L. Botelho	
        Genre: Dark Horror, Vampire Thriller	
        Length: .53 seconds
		Rating: Nudity
Warning Nudity...Not for children. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume!
Amazon  Paperback 


Amazon  Paperback

Kindle Edition    $2.99

Kindle Edition $0.99

Into the Basement

Into the Basement Trailer Details

        Title: Into the Basement Trailer	     
        Author: Norm Applegate        
        Trailer Producer: J.L. Botelho	
        Genre: Dark Horror, Thriller	
        Length: 1.24 seconds
		Rating: Nudity
Warning Nudity...Not for children. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume!

A vampire with a sickening fetish.

A gypsy she loves the kill.

A CEO probably insane wants revenge.

A sexually bent woman, Kim Bennett.

…and they want her dead!

First to Die by Norm Applegate

This book is not for vegetarians

A grave has been robbed. A document has been stolen. Vampires are turning on each other. The Black Testament, discloses the truth behind vampires. How to live with them, how to kill them.

A vampire has taken the document to the vaults beneath Notre Dame. Kim Bennett goes after it. It’s a trap. The CEO of the organization wants to see Kim bleed. Former dominatrix, part vampire, Kim Bennett turns it up a notch. Carve in, carve out, blood leaks…

Kim battles twisted characters, a killer with a sickening fetish and a society fueled by blood lust. This novel is as much a thriller as it is blunt force trauma. Laced with sexual frenzy layered on graphic violence, this book is not for vegetarians.

First To Die, Kindle Edition  $0.99
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Gypsy Lore. Fortune Telling. Black Magic

Twelve million Gypsy’s in the world. 
They have the gift. Good fortune or destroy with a curse.
Two men visit one. The wrong one. Money is exchanged. She looks into their eyes. A wish is granted! 


You’ll never drive over a bridge again without looking left, right…Jumpers!

Jumpers is a 5000 word short story by thriller writer Norm Applegate, Into the Basement and First to Die.

About the author

Norm Applegate is the author of four novels, and is best known for his horror thriller, Into the Basement.

Cover art and design by James Rone.

First to Die
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Jumpers, Kindle Edition  $0.99
Looking for someone to design and create a book cover...?

Consider Linda Boulanger: The Prisoner

Trisha Reeves:
First To Die

James Rone: 
Jumpers and SHOCKWAVE 

Hypnotist, deranged…

Ghost, Madame Blavatsky…

Serial killer, female…

Bent woman, Kim Bennett…

Into the Spell is Norm Applegate’s second book. It’s a paranormal thriller about a serial killer controlled by a hypnotist, who speaks to the dead.

The Mayor's daughter is murdered. Kim Bennett and FBI agent A.L. Hague are catapulted into the dark side of hypnosis, paranormal behaviors, ghosts and the occult. The situation gets worse. A .44 caliber bulldog is found. The same pistol used by the Son of Sam. It sets the clock ticking in an adventure of sex and control.

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 Kindle Edition $0.99
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Amazon  Paperback



(Into the Basement)

Turkish version

In April 2011, I received an email about translating Into the Basement into Turkish.

An editor for the Turkish publisher ARVO Basim Yayin saw my novel Into the Basement on AmazonUSA and UK and wanted it.

Basement has been #1 on Amazon USA and UK since March 2011.

We exchanged emails, worked the deal, I signed the contract and in July saw the cover. I’m thriller. The name for the Turkish release is: “Sadist,” very creepy.

Sadist will be available in the later part of July at 94 D&R's, KİTAPSAN Book Stores and in other bookstores throughout Turkey.

Also from these websites:

(Into the Basement)
Paperback release in Turkey
Thriller Released Sept 2011

Thriller writer Norm Applegate, author of Into the Basement, introduces us to a new character, Jack Dwyer. 


Loner Jack Dwyer.
Pretty woman Kelly Paul.
Homegrown terrorists use pipe bombs to kill.
The cause? They want America back.
Violence breeds violence. 
Never underestimate a loner!

Book Description:

Jack Dwyer is observant. Sitting at Starbucks he watches a van come to a stop. A nervous guy gets out, looks around, seems strange. Dwyer watches him. The guy crosses the street. Dwyer realizes the guy’s staring at a pretty woman, Kelly Paul. Dwyer makes eye contact with her. Dwyer looks left, right, reacts, moves fast, pushes her down, saves her but the bomb explodes. People are killed. She goes missing and Dwyer is the suspect. 

Dwyer can’t forget her. Doesn’t understand why she’s missing.  He’s a loner, ex-military, a psychologist and he has seen death. He’s wildly attracted to the pretty woman and he goes after her.

Beau Redell, and a group of sadistic followers, is the problem.  Kelly Paul has been taken, abducted, terrorized. But Dwyer finds himself alone and a violent conclusion is inevitable…

Shockwave by Norm Applegate
Pipe Bomb. Hostage. Terror.

Edited by Deborah Levinson.

Cover art James Rone.

Shockwave is approximately 79,000 words long, and is specifically formatted for Kindle.
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Kindle Edition  $2.99
New Thriller Released 
June 2012
The Prisoner
 $2.99 ebook
Sadist: the Turkish translation of
 Into the Basement
The Prisoner

Thriller writer Norm Applegate, author of Shockwave and Into the Basement, brings back, Jack Dwyer. 

Product Description
For fans of Lee Child: a staccato style of writing with deliberate violent descriptions...

A brutal killing in a city jail.
Isolation. Escape. Murder. 
A prisoner walks out and disappears. 

A stranger enters an apartment, a grotesque murder, a passport is seized.

A woman meets a stranger, a sultry night together, in the morning she’s dead…

A FedEx driver is mutilated, a .50 caliber sniper rifle is missing…

The President makes an appearance…

The Prisoner: a merciless assassin, cold and ruthless with no compassion for human life.

Jack Dwyer ex-military psychologist puts together the pieces. You go to the FBI, they don’t buy it. You go to the Chinese Embassy, they aren’t listening. You’re followed, picked up on the street. You’re beaten, blindfolded and taken to a safe house. You’re not sure why. But then you meet the prisoner and the pieces come together. There’s only one outcome…violent!

Edited by Deborah Levinson

Cover art Linda Boulanger

The Prisoner is approximately 68,000 words long, and is specifically formatted for Kindle. 

This ebook also contains bonus material:

Chapter 1 of Shockwave by: Norm Applegate. The first Jack Dwyer thriller.
Thriller Novels:
Horror Novels:
Short Story: Paranormal Horror
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Kindle Edition  $2.99
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Product Description

Publisher: Shot in the Dark Comics (December 10, 2013)



Sexual slavery...

…And a very bent woman, Kim Bennett

Into the Basement, the Comic Book is based on Norm Applegate's Amazon USA & UK best selling novel of the same title.

This a graphic comic book two serial killers who steal women and torture them in the basement.

This is a raw dark story of sadistic people that pits Kim's physical and mental agility against one of the fastest rising crimes in America, sexual slavery.

Like the novel this is an adult story that has been described as "juicy."

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New Comic Book
Dec 2013
Amazon Kindle ebook